Donna Marino Psyd is incredibly insightful, kind and empathetic. She is also very good at what she does. In what seemed like no time at all she focused in and helped me find a solution to something I had been struggling with for years. She didn’t tell me what to do, she created the space for me to see myself. It was remarkable, and I am profoundly grateful. Thank you so much.
— Ruth, Illinois
Donna is one of the most sincere and compassionate people I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with. Having collaborated on cases I was privy to her brilliance, insight, and genuine concern for her clients. Donna is a seasoned licensed clinical psychologist, an impassioned life coach, and an overall wonderful human being. I highly recommend Donna and her services. Hire her. You will not regret it!
— Maléfi Ifagbayi Adéyéfa, Chicago, Illinois
Donna has such a gift for helping us get insight into how we can heal, best move forward personally and in business, and truly be at peace with our own gifts and even shortcomings. If you want a better you and quality of life, reach out for her services.
— Laura, Oregon
Thank God for our coaching session!!! I received answers to many questions in one hour as opposed to No answers to any questions in three sessions of therapy. Unbelievable!!! Never knew that Coaching sessions are so powerful. Donna, You are a Very Skilled Coach. You are an Excellent Listener with Great Answers. After that session, I felt Empowered and more Confident about my future. Wow!!! I Love ❤️ it. I send Blessings to You and Anyone who chooses to use your services. Thank You!
— Florence, Indiana
Dr. Marino’s positive, flexible approach was the catalyst for the change I wanted to make. By matching her skills to my goals and aspirations, Dr. Marino has been instrumental in helping me regain the focus, joy, and purpose in my life.
Professionally, I have advanced into positions of leadership within a short amount of time and continue to maintain positive, collaborative relationships with my colleagues.
My loved ones have noticed the change personally, as I am happier and more present in my life and that of my loved ones. I even discovered a new passion - running! Most importantly, I have gained skills I can employ long after our work is done.
Thank you, Dr. Marino! Here’s to whatever wonderful things the future may bring.
— Ana, Chicago, Illinois
After only one coaching call together, I feel great about things today. I am in a wonderful frame of mind because I know what I want to do and what I want to achieve. It is awesome! Thank you!
— Laureen, Massachusetts
Whether one meets Donna for the first time, or gets to know her better, what sticks out most is her humbleness and generosity. Her quiet and calm manner, her genuine desire to reach out and help others—which I have seen on a number of occasions—is inspiring. Her mere presence, her empathy, coupled with her professionalism brings out the best in others.
— Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, Author and Positive Psychology Leader
I had the pleasure of experiencing a coaching call facilitated by Donna. Her guidance provided the tools needed to fine tune a work self evaluation.. This enabled me to listen to my inner self and trust my intuition and believe in my strengths. Donna demonstrates a strong passion to guide others to have a better understanding and appreciation of themselves.
— J.S., Illinois
Donna has consistently impressed me with her keen ability to observe and understand people, to treat them with warmth, and to intervene effectively to help them live (and work) in a more satisfying way.
— Dr. Rober Biswas Deiner, Author and Positive Psychology Leader
Donna is genuine and sincere and cares deeply of others well-being. I instinctively knew she was the right person to provide guidance and a positive approach for the changes I wanted to make. I look forward to my weekly session and the positive energy and sunshine that radiates from Donna!
— Joanne, Naperville, Illinois
I came to Donna in crisis and left prepared to start over. Job loss. Divorce. Insecurity. Depression. Financial uncertainty. I had lost my mojo and desperately needed to get it back so that I could take care of my family. We talked. Not like, “here’s my problem” and she says, “how does that make you feel”. We had real conversations about my values, my needs, obstacles, self-reflection, hopes, fears. She helped me get comfortable with what mattered most to me. On our last day, Donna gave me a single sheet of paper that recapped our time together. It’s the most valuable page that I own.
— Matt, Naperville, Illinois
Dr. Marino is caring, easy to talk to, non -judgmental, and has helped me think through issues from a positive perspective instead of established negative patterns. I owe her a debt of gratitude for everything she has done for me.
— Noel, Chicago, Illinois
Dr Donna Marino, owner of Inner Guidance, is a remarkable woman, entrepreneur, and coach. She is compassionate, empathic, and is quite knowledgeable.

Dr Marino has been my Life Coach and has helped me tremendously with my own business. Her passion for what she does shines through like the sun does on a cloudless day. I highly, highly recommend Dr Marino. Her business acumen and desire to help other entrepreneurs make her a perfect choice.
— Marcia, Bolingbook, Illinois