"Done is Better than Perfect"

Twice now this week, I have heard someone say this expression: “Done is better than perfect.” How many of you, struggle with this concept? I know that I am one of them. In fact, it is why I am sitting here right now writing my blog. 

First let me say, that I actually adore writing, especially my blog. I love the feeling of putting words together to express thoughts and feelings, to teach and to educate, to share, connect and communicate with others. I am a word junky. And when I write, I find myself in flow, that experience of being totally absorbed in what you are doing with no concept of time or what else you need to be doing, just being fully present and engaged. So, why do I avoid it? 

Well, I think it comes back to that expression, “Done is better than perfect.” While I may not consciously be saying to myself, “I need to have a perfect product every time and I can’t even begin to sit down and write until I know what perfection is leaving my fingertips (okay, maybe that was articulated a little too quickly and easily to be a deeply buried thought and might be a little more conscious than I was giving it credit, oops, feel free to insert laugh here).  

Anyway, even if that thought wasn’t circulating my conscious mind at the moment, it is in there somewhere or thoughts just like it that keep me and others (perhaps even you) from starting something.  The truth is, we all do it. We all have things that we need to do or even on some level want to do and may even enjoy them, but have trouble getting over that initial hump, that initial inertia. Getting started is a common problem.

So, “Done is better than perfect.” When that apprehension kicks in that tells you to delay. That says, I don’t have enough time to get it just right, to do it perfectly or for it to be worth sharing with others, just go for it. Remind yourself that each time you face the apprehension, each time you stare down the inertia that keeps you from getting started, you not only get the satisfaction of having faced a challenged, as well as the reward of a completed product, but you also get the massive bonus of building those pathways in the brain that make it easier the next time to (in the words of Nike), “Just do it!”

So, whether it is writing or exercising or cleaning the house, no matter what task it is, just try getting started. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to get done. As my teacher, Tal Ben Shahar suggests, give yourself five or ten minutes. You can always stop after then, but chances are once you have begun, you will want to see it through. Then be gentle with the results. It’s more important that I get my blog posted and find a way to share my knowledge, strength, and hope with others than it is that every blog be a masterpiece. It’s more important to impact the world in a positive way, than in a perfect way.

What can you get done today?

Be Well,


P.S. I am posting this now, because it is Done, not because it is Perfect!