Wise Leadership Tip #3: Go Within

As a female entrepreneur who wants to make a big financial and social impact, you pride yourself on always learning and growing. You pride yourself on both achieving excellence for yourself and delivering it to your clients.

 But sometimes it can get overwhelming. You feel like you have to be perfect. You feel like you need to know everything all the time. You are constantly craving answers, solutions and more knowledge.

 Be honest, how many certifications do you already have? How many courses have you taken? How many areas have you studied hoping to find that one last bit of information that is going to help you deliver a more perfect service to your client?

 Sound familiar? Ask me how I know ;-)

 But the Wise Leader, knows when enough is enough. The Wise Leader knows the difference between the path of growth and learning and the endless pursuit of perfection.

 The Wise Leader knows that she already has the answers and what she needs is not more information, but silence and stillness to go within and let those answers reveal themselves.

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Be Wise,

Dr. Donna