Wise Leadership Tip #2: STEP AWAY!

Sounds counterintuitive right? I mean after all your a goal-getter. You are focused and committed. You're dedicated to your outcomes and they are non-negotiable. So, Step Away? That's for quitters right? Nope

The Wise Leader knows when it's time to step away.

Yesterday for example, I was so grateful to have some time that was unscheduled. Time without appointments. And really excited to get some foundational things done in my business.

I got my morning routine done of activities that set me up for success and then I started to dive in on my business. I was moving along from item to item and then my brain got full.

I came to the next item on the list and my brain was just buzzing and I could not get any clarity. The next item was a creative one at that. Writing some content and digging deep into my messaging. And it was if a thousand bees were just buzzing around in my head making noise and causing chaos.

So what did I do? I took the dog for a walk. I enjoyed the nature and I did not think about business at all. I called my mom and reconnected. I enjoyed the fresh air and my time with LuLu.

And you know what happened when I got back? I sat back down and all these creative ideas bubbled up to the surface and I wrote and created like a madwoman!

You see, I get it. As a driven, ambitious woman who wants to make a big financial and social impact in the world, sometimes it feels like you can never stop. You just have to keep going. You have to eek out one more thing. There is just so much to do and you just care so much.

But the irony is, when you step away, it allows our creative, intuitive brain to rise the surface. We have to put away all of that conscious, analytical and logical thinking from time to time to allow us to reach the deep recesses of our brain that already have the answer we are looking for. This is why you have "ah-ha" moments in the shower. It is also why meditation is so effective.

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