If You Are Talking To Everyone....You Are Talking to NO ONE!

I said this to a client yesterday who is growing her business. I see this all the time with new ambitious female entrepreneurs who really want to help the world to heal. They are so invested with all of their heart in their new business and serving others that they want to help everyone. They want to do everything. And they probably could. They have so many gifts and talents to share.

But what happens?



When you are talking to everyone, you are really talking to no one. If people don't hear your messaging and say in their head, "oh my god that is me" or "that's my mom, my son, my wife..." then you don't have a customer. No one calls.

If people don't "see faces" when they hear your message they will not buy what you are selling or send people your way. They won't even know who to send your way. If when they say things like, "oh, I think what you're doing is great!"

And I get it, you don't want to pigeon-hole yourself. You don't want to do just one thing. You're afraid if you narrow down, you won't have anyone to serve. There is so much fear and uncertainty and all you want to do is serve.

But the truth is, when you narrow down, you start speaking to your ideal client and people come out of the woodwork for what you have to offer. AND they start sending people your way!

PLUS...another truth, there will still be people that don't fit your niche that say, "would you work with me?" and then you get to decide if you WANT to work with that person or not. You are in control. Not having to take every person that knocks on your door!

Now how does that sound? I know it seems counter-intuitive to you whole-hearted ambitious female entrepreneurs, but it is truth. Start narrowing the field of who you serve and what you offer and see what happens.

I would love to know who your heart's desire is to serve. Please go ahead and share in the comments.