Your good intentions are sabotaging your business!


I had a lot of Clarity Calls last week with women who really want to amp up their business. On one of my calls, this is what I heard. “I’m not in it for the money.” The person who said it was wearing it like a badge of honor. Like this was a good thing. And I understand. I know that so many of us whole-hearted women who want to make real change in their communities and even the world feel this way.

Those of you who are creating whole-hearted businesses, that are truly set on changing the world, often struggle with the connection between your work and your money. Yet, you are driven to create businesses that get your work out so that you can transform the world into a better place. You want to be a trailblazer and make a positive impact.

But here's the truth. It's a business. If you aren't in it for the money, you are going to fail! Yes, that’s right, fail!

You can't run a business without money. You can't run a political campaign without money. You can't do anything without money. Money and social, community and political change go together, hand in hand.

Now, I’m not saying that money has to be the sole motivator or even the primary motivator, but I am saying if you are still in the mindset that money isn’t important to you or your business and that your business doesn’t have to make much money, then you are going to fail. Business is about money, otherwise, it’s a hobby.

Here are a few facts:

Money is important. It is a powerful tool for getting you closer to your dreams. Money allows us not just to pay for the necessities but to build hospitals, schools, roads etc…

Money is power. When you have money, you have the power to invest in yourself and others. When you have money, you can help more people! When you have money, you have the power to make a big impact! Money can provide freedom, options, and opportunities. The more money you have, the more power you have, and the more you can make a difference.

Money is a Magnifier. It is neither good nor evil. If you are a giving, whole-hearted person, you will be even more so with more money. Money magnifies what is already there, it does not create evil.

I'll be honest, when I heard this person say so proudly that they were lucky because they weren't in it for the money, I cringed.

Why? It was the sure sign of a poor money mindset that unless fixed, this business is going to continue to fail, which by the way, it is, failing. And this phrase is at the root of it, I can tell you that with confidence.

They might have to shut their doors and the sad part is, they are doing good important work in the world. The world will not be a better place if they fail. The world needs the work that they are doing, but they will continue to fail because they have not healed their connection between powerful work and money.

I'm telling you this, If you do not fix your money mindset, If you do not stop telling yourself that money is bad, that money corrupts, that people who have money are evil, that you can’t do good in the world AND make a lot of money, and that noble businesses that help the world to grow and change cannot and should not make money; then your business will never be more than a hobby and you will never make your big impact in the world.

Now, go ahead and comment if you would like a money mindset tip!