If You Want to Say Yes to your Big Impact, You Have to Start Saying No!

Wise Leadership Tip #4: Say No, A lot

If you want your Yes to mean anything, you have to be willing to say No.

Most female entrepreneurs and women in leadership are ambitious women who are used to raising their hand and saying YES to everything! (Ask me how I know ;-)

For some of you, the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is real. You think if you don’t take part in everything you might miss that one big opportunity.  

For others of you, you worry about letting someone down. Or perhaps you feel obligated to do “all the things” and be everything to everyone. Sometimes you might even be apologizing for your own ambition by taking on other activities that make your feel more like a “good wife” or “good mother,” but in reality aren’t actually meaningful to the relationship and only take you further away from your dream.

You become over-committed, over-giving, and stretched too thin which leads to burn out and resentment! And if that wasn’t bad enough, you’re focus becomes diluted and you don’t have enough energy for the things that really matter or will give the best result.

When you have a desire to lead a legacy life and leave a big financial and social impact on the world, you have to focus your attention and energy on what you want most. If you splinter it all over the place, you will never achieve what you truly want.

Where your attention goes, the energy flows. Where the energy flows is where your results will show up. If your energy is scattered, you will get scattered, unpredictable and mediocre results.

Saying No to the things that take away from what is important in your life, is how you say Yes to what is important and get major results. This might mean saying No to the PTA, or the non-ideal client or a speaking opportunity that isn’t for your ideal audience. It might mean hiring a housekeeper to help with household duties so that you can stay aligned with your business.

One thing I teach all of my clients is to ask themselves, “What part of me is saying Yes to this? And is this the healthiest part of me?”

We often say Yes, because of the “have to(s)” and the “shoulds” and the feelings of obligations in our head. (Hint: they are not real, these are stories we make up). The Wise Leader learns to say No to anything that takes her off her path, her mission, her legacy and Yes to her deepest desires and commitments.

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