What's Your Calling?

As I wrapped up a session today, my client pointed out that the clock read 11:11. Thanks to Maléfi Ifagbayi Adéyéfa, I looked up it's meaning and this is what it said for the number 11.

"Your intuition is amplified right now. You are being inspired with creative ideas and insight so shine your light and you’ll inspire others to do the same. Share your vision through teaching, speaking or writing and let yourself be led by Spirit. You have an opportunity to make a huge impact on the world right now!"

I know that I am lead to speak, teach and write on a large scale. Many of you have heard me say that I am called to be the next Wayne Dyer or Byron Katie or Brene' Brown. But I have also been looking at leadership and making changes to our corporate America and bringing up female leaders, so work can be an enjoyable place again.

Lately, I have been very torn between the spiritual side of me and the analytical side of me. As I have said, I am the bridge between science and spirituality with degrees and certifications in both. I have been told not to be too spiritual, I have been told that people won't pay for passion or purpose, I have been told that you can't make money without a clear quantifiable result; happiness and joy and loving your life are not enough. I've also been told to follow my heart, to listen to spirit, and that if you are doing it right it will be easy. For every one thing I have been told, I have also been told it's opposite until my head is reeling.

But here is what I do know and I may not know how to package it yet or how to rise about the noise or put a bow on it (although my thriving business might say otherwise), but here it goes:

At the end of the day, I am called to make the world a better place, to inspire and empower women to claim their leadership at home, at work and in the world.

To create a world where people (men and women) don't just go to jobs, but they live out their passion and purpose and get paid well for doing it.

To create a world based on sincere value, love and equality for all;

A world that I am proud to leave my girls who will then make it their own, and they are already taking it by storm.

A world where we are all truly equal regardless of race, gender, sexuality or the $$$ in your bank account. Where all human life is valued and where we stop selling our most precious commodity of time to others for unfair wages and lack fo respect and appreciation.

A world where your unique strengths and gifts matter and you get to use them everyday doing what you love and make a good living doing it.

A world that feels good to walk around in as your truly authentic self.

A world that sees the light in every human being, every animal, every part of nature and treats it with love and respect.

I just want everyone to wake up each day excited to start, excited to live with passion and purpose, excited that they get to make a living doing the things that they love to do, excited to spend their lives with the people around them, excited to have the time to enjoy the world around them; their children; their partners; their friends.

A world where we get to enjoy our lives everyday, not just on holidays and weekends.

I want us all to make the difference that we are called to make. To throw aside the fear, self-doubt, and sabotage, so that we can shine as we were meant to. I want everyone to feel powerful, purposeful, and precious, no matter what their calling because all of it matters.

I want to be the face of that movement. And I want all of you to join me. Because I love you all. And I want a better world. I believe we are better. We can be better. And we deserve it.

Are you with me? Go ahead and tag yourself if you are. Comment below and share. Spread the light.